Saturday, July 7, 2012

Proud to be an American

Wow! I really need to get back to blogging my nail polish!! I did take a break from painting....again.....because my nails were very stained. But after a ton of research I did find a way to remove nail stains which I will share very soon!
Normally, I don't like dressing in all red, white, & blue and putting on all the cliche' American/patriotic outfits, but on my nails....that's a different story.

These patriotic nails were really simple actually. I actually got the ideas from some pinterest posts so go check those out here!
For the red I used Petites "Rock n' Red" for the blue I used L.A. colors color craze in "Wired", for the white I used Confetti "Wedding White" and over the top of the white I did used a glitter polish from Sally Hansen extreme wear called "Disco ball". And of course after I was all done I covered it all in a Sally Hansen topcoat.

I'll be back soon!! I promise!

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  1. Bravo! You posted again... so glad! Love the polka dots mostest!