Thursday, April 12, 2012

Summer 'Daze'

I am SO sorry that I have not posted in sooooo long. I took a bit of hiatus...letting my nails breathe, focusing on school & just dealing with life in general!
But I have been painting my nails like crazy recently and decided it was time to start posting again.
This week I have my nails painted with this lime green polish from Nail Fantasies, which does not have a name unfortunately. But, it is obviously just a bright lime green color which I LOVE! One great part about Spring and Summer is the bright, fun colors that we finally get to pull out again!

But just to make it more interesting I added an accent nail by painting only my ring fingers with this Petites 'Daze' which is basically just a green glitter polish. I did have a basecoat of the lime green polish just to make the 'daze' topcoat pop a little bit more!

I am so excited to be back posting my nail colors with you! I can't wait to do more because I seriously love painting my nails, and yes the addiction is becoming stronger!!

xo Bethany xo

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  1. Welcome back sweet thing! Love this cheery color... makes me think of "Tink"!